Dear fellow Democrats in Sun City,

There are so many pressing issues facing our country as we move into the 2024 election cycle. We are in extreme danger of losing our democracy and life as we know it. People ask “What can we do?” The answer is VOTE… and encourage others to vote. The Riverside County Democratic Party in conjunction with all of the democratic clubs in Riverside County are working diligently to make sure that every registered democrat votes in this election. The party has developed a strategic plan to help facilitate this campaign. Consequently, our Sun City Democratic club has already participated by writing over 2000 postcards to low propensity voters in Indio. There will be other ways for you to assist in this campaign in the upcoming months. Also, it is imperative that we take an active role in electing democrats to school boards, college boards, city councils, civic boards, state assembly, congress and the presidency.  We all know that strength starts from the ground up.

It is important that we stand united and resilient as a Democratic community right here in Sun City. We cannot be silent. We must defend our democracy, our rights and the rights of our children and our children’s children.  An important step for our immediate community is renewing your membership with the Democrats of Sun City club for 2024. Your contributions and participation greatly help us continue our efforts to support the democratic agenda in our county and state. Please join us and help save our democracy.

Renewing your membership in October, November and December will apply throughout the entire 2024 calendar year at $20 per person. After January 1, 2024, the dues will increase to $25 per person. An application is enclosed for your convenience.  Remember we are a force to be recognized when we stand united.

We look forward to seeing you soon. Stay safe and well.

Best regards,
Suellen Chodash