President Elect Joe Biden and Vice President Elect Kamala Harric


Please bring your own Ballot to the meeting! Ballots for the March 5th Primary will be mailed to you on February 5th.

We will be reviewing the Ballot candidate by candidate to help you make  educated voting decisions.

Tuesday, February 20, 2024
Check in starts at 6:30pm
Meeting starts at
Oasis Room, Sunsetview Clubhouse


Hello Club Members!

The Political Action Committee is gearing up for some major wins in 2024. A crucial part of the work that needs to be done is building a lasting Democratic infrastructure for next year’s election cycle and beyond. We are currently recruiting Precinct Captains and Neighborhood Coordinators for our new Precinct Captain Program and would love your help!

We are phone and text banking highly engaged Democrats in the key precincts we need to win to invite them to join our Precinct Captain Program. Once a potential Precinct Captain has been recruited, they will be welcomed and registered for a training specific to fun and engaging ways to connect with registered Democrats in their very own neighborhood! All trained Precinct Captains will be provided with the contact information for all registered Democrats in their precinct or neighborhood as well as receiving direct support from RCDP’s Political Action Committee including suggested introduction ideas, community-building activities, their local Democratic club membership and meeting info, and voter/election information.

Phone Banking
Come join the GDHQ and RCDP to recruit volunteers in CA-41 to become Precinct Captains and Neighborhood Coordinators! Organizing early and knocking on as many doors as possible is essential to flipping this seat blue in 2024 and taking back the House of Representatives! Help us make calls to ensure we have the volunteer power to flip CA-41 blue!

When: Wednesdays @ 3-5PM

Thank you!
Text Banking Team, RCDP Political Action Committee

Sun City 2023 Community Expo

Sun City 2023 Community Expo


An Afternoon with Special Guest Speaker Congressman Adam Schiff
Sunday, April 16, 2023 at the Spotlight 29 Casino.

We were there to make some noise!

Saturday, May 14th at Frances Stevens Park in Palm Springs.

Commemorating the January 6, 2021 attack on our democracy, over 100 people and dogs met at the Donny Circle Lake to quietly and peacefully walk the path around the lake in a Candlelight Vigil of Solidarity: January 6, 2022.

Joy Silver -

Desert Sun
Sun City Palm Desert boasts some of California’s most engaged voters; turnout neared 96%

The article talks about our community in a very favorable way and is excellent PR for democratic voters. An important statistic stated in the article:
“The area was pretty split during the election. About 53% of votes cast in the presidential race went for Democrat Joe Biden, while about 47% went for President Donald Trump.” Link to article.

I know that these results are due to all the hard work we did in 2020 to get out the vote. Thank you!


Sun City Democrats have donated a total of $1,380 to the World Central Kitchen. These donations will help to support the wonderful work this organization is doing to feed the thousands of Ukrainian refugees and those still in Ukraine.

If you would like to donate go to to make a donation.